QT (QuikTrick) Card Hold Scam

A bonus post today.

Just a warning people, stay away from QuikTrip is you’re going to pay with debit or credit. I’d stay away if you have cash too. Don’t encourage their fucking greed.

As I was making the kitty and Charter trips today, I noticed I needed some gas. A QT was on the way and I pulled in.

Big mistake, don’t do it unless your account has lots of money in it. Too late I noticed a very small sign saying QT may put a $125 hold on your account for using plastic at the pump.

I’ve had retailers put an inflated hold on a debit transaction before. But it has always been a rounded up amount. Like, $38.00 hold for a $37.48 bill.

I checked when I returned from giving Charter a hard time. It wasn’t $125, only $100 extra for $37.80 worth of gas. Lucky I happened to have an extra $100 in my account. If I tried to purchase that $37.80 in gas and only had $50 in my account, I’d be a walkin’.

They did reverse it later. But for a while they had an extra $100 of my money to play with. I wonder just how much they are making on the float? And do the banks give them a cut of the overdraft fees they cause unsuspecting customers?

Or perhaps it’s a way to induce you into getting a QT credit card.

Avoid QuikTrick people!

Sorry no QT massacree today. The Charter bait & switch massacree took it out of me. But tomorrow, I’ll be in shape to track down the QuikTrap corporate sods and give them a good reaming. But don’t wait on me. Stay away from QT NOW!!!!