▶ Climbing the North Face of the Apartment Hall

▶ Monty Python – Climbing the North Face of the Uxbridge Road – YouTube.

This is much how I feel getting around my apartment. I’m a mountaineer, finding every possible handhold to assault route to the toilet.

Like a mountaineer, I use a three point (or more) system. I make sure I’m solid with three appendages before moving a fourth.

It’s just a security blanket thing most of the time but there are times when a leg does something other than I intended and every hold helps.

I annoy other people walking in halls. I walk on the left, against then normal traffic flow. Sorry, but I like having that wall on my left, you can go around. Get over it.

Another technique I copied from mountaineers is climbing a vertical rock chute. I use it after falls to climb up a corner, or doorway to my feet again. But rarely now. I follow the 3+ points rule always. I even sometimes do the hallway without a cane. Such a daredevil.

‘Crat Aggravating

It’s no secret that ‘crats get lazy, just sucking away at your pay cheque. Sometimes you just need to stir them up and make them run around to keep them from sticking to their chairs.

You don’t want a jab a stick in the hornets nest stirring up. You might get stung. No, what you want ants running around a disturbed nest effect. The perfect thing is to ask for something the law requires them to have and provide to you upon request. Then watch the fun as they try to attempt to comply.

I use the ADA to stir up ‘crats. ADA Title II 35.107 says: Any public entity with more than 50 employees from school up to state level (Feds don’t do ADA of course) is required to have ADA Compliance officer(s). And to provide to any interested party (you don’t have to be a gimp for this one) the: name(s); office address(es); telephone(s) of their ADA Compliance officer(s).

You can call but you’ll miss the excitement when they put you on hold and they run around crazy. If you like talking to people, it’s guaranteed you’ll get shuffled from ‘crat to ‘crat.

But the best is to walk or gimp in with a smile and ask, “May I speak to the ADA Compliance officer for …?”

When the receptionist doesn’t know what you’re talking about, point out they are required by law to have one and provide you their name. Take a seat and watch the fun begin. They may have had one in 1990 but you can bet that’s been forgotten. They may have to create one on the spot for you. If you see the ADA Compliance guy emerge from a hurried conference, he just got drafted.

See all kinds of fun with a simple, polite, and legal request. I had fun with my alder-critters when getting the ‘No Disabled’ sign removed. I got a lot of “uh, uh, … I’ll get back to you.”

Hello world!

Welcome to Fifty-Fifty. “I figure the odds be fifty-fifty, I might just have something to say.” ~ Frank Zappa.

Y’all can make up your own minds. There is no theme, just random musings of the voices in my head.

But, your are likely to find comments on rights for all beings, rants against the fascist police state, the Banksters and such.

Be on the look out for a Bankster post. I’m a fixin to use the Bible and set the TeaBaglicans and the Christian[don’t think so] Bigot Churches on the Banksters. Won’t that be fun?


Christians vs Banksters

Coming soon to PPV

TeaBaglicans and Christian[yeah, right] Bigot groups are fond of spouting selective Biblical passages while ignoring others that don’t suit their view.

You can find all sorts of things reading the Bible critically.

First, you don’t have to get far to quash the ‘Perfect’ claims. It claims both that

  • man and woman were created on the 6th day
  • and woman was created another day from Adams rib. That’s after Adam turns down God’s bestiality offer. Eve could have been a sheep.

The animals go onto Noah’s Ark

  • two by two and also
  • the clean animals by sevens and the unclean by twos.

It depends on which ‘perfectly correct, word of God’ verses you choose.

The Old Testament God was a sociopath. I guess having a kid mellowed him out some. Elisha was heading to visit Elijah. A bunch of kids made baldy comments about Elisha. God sent she bears to rip two and forty children to pieces for that baldy taunt. “And God so loved the world …”

In the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, Lot is the only one in those cities who was righteous enough to be saved. When the crowd wanted to meet Lot’s guests he offers the mob his virgin daughters for gang bang. Righteous? Yeah, that means if a bill collector or such knocks on your door during a little dinner party, it’s righteous to throw them your virgin daughters so they don’t disturb your guests. Hey, it says so in the book. If you don’t do it ya ain’t gwine up to hebbin.

The Biblical Pickers and Choosers seem to always attack the innocent. I say sic them of the guilty, Wall Street and the Banksters!

Usury, collecting interest on a loan is a sin. It’s right there in the sort of shared Holy Book of three religions.

Deuteronomy 23:19 Thou shalt not lend upon interest to thy brother: interest of money, interest of victuals, interest of any thing that is lent upon interest.

Deuteronomy 23:20 Unto a foreigner thou mayest lend upon interest; but unto thy brother thou shalt not lend upon interest; that the LORD thy God may bless thee in all that thou puttest thy hand unto, in the land whither thou goest in to possess it.

Jews could charge non Jews interest but not fellow Jews.

Islam took it farther and still bans any interest. That has to lead to some interesting circumlocutions to charge interest without ‘charging interest’.

But this is Murica and Murica is Christian, Right?

Hate to bust your bubble, bucko. Jesus was against charging interest. Got ya! The Christian Church banned interest. Even being in favour of charging interest could get you done for heresy.

And it wasn’t just Jesus just about everyone was on the interest is evil line. Moses, Plato, Aristotle, Cato, Cicero, Seneca, Aquinas, Muhammad, …

It wasn’t until the 14th century that the Church allowed charging of interest without excommunication or getting done for heresy.

So what’s a knight to do when he needs a new sword and is skint. Well that’s what Jews were tolerated for. They were already damned so they could lend money to Christians, handy.

Even handier, they have almost no legal status. So, if you don’t pay them back, they can’t do much. Nobility loved that because they could always ban from their land any Jew they owed money.

Christian banking didn’t appear until lot’s of righteous Knights returned with plunder. Jew were inconvenient then. Nobility had money to lend and money to make. With the right grease the Church decided Christians could lend money at interest after all.

Jews were massacred in one town, by herding them into a castle yard and burning them to death. No, not the evil Krauts, it happened in York, England.

And and little while after Edward I came up with a solution to his deficit. Expel all Jews with only what they can carry, anything left behind belongs to the Crown. It’s good to be the King. Sounds like Germany, don’t it.

So all y’all TeaBaglicans & Christians[sic fucques]whip up some poorly spelled signs and head for Wall Street. Banks are against the Word of The Lord! That target is at least no innocent like all your others. Focus the Holy Wrath of God on the Banksters.