Inter-Human Relations

I’m a Georgia Cracker. That’s not a boast, but a statement of fact. (Well, the official story at least. I wasn’t born in Georgia, nor any US state. … Howdy #DieHomeStapo.)

Dad was in the USAF and we toured bases, mostly in the South because he was involved in flight training. Better chances of good flying weather.

I wasn’t in the Peach Tree state for long. Thereafter, my formative years, up to 9th grade were predominately in the South. First through Ninth in Texas. (I’m even a naturalized Texas citizen. Bet Dubbya can’t claim that.)

How did I avoid turning into a racist ass. MAGAt hat wearing, son of a bitch, a #Deplorable? My home environment.

Dad was a Michigander. Grandad’s namesake is abolitionist, Lloyde Garrison. A nth great uncle was part of the Underground Railroad.

Mom was English. While Dad didn’t believe in discrimination, but was all too aware of it. Mom, found the whole idea rather ridiculous

I wasn’t taught hate. I wasn’t even taught race. I was taught to always judge the person, not appearance, etc. I was maybe four or five when we lived in Ohio for a bit. I was playing with the neighbourhood kids, acting the fool. I was pretending a metal curtain rod was a horn and blowing it. A stumble cut the roof of my mouth. Blood everywhere.

Mom asked who I was with. “The boy with curly hair.” Nobody told me he was coloured. I didn’t know.

Dad retired and we settled in the Lou in a peculiar aberration of anti-diversity. I finished high school in a town which had no NO non-white residents. Well, they did treat the Mexs as almost white.

I had grown tired of moving from Dad’s AF days. I stayed. The town slowly, reluctantly integrated. Next I was in Lake StL. Not a whole lot different.

Now, I’m in Alton, IL, living in a city and building along with a number extremely tanned individuals. What’s that like? How do I treat them?

It’s fucking simple. I treat them as fellow humans, with manners and respect. The human race IS the only race. The rest are racist delusions.

What I don’t do is try to be something I’m not. I don’t try to appropriate culture.

You are what you is. You is what you am. A cow don’t make ham

A Penny for the Guy

Dumb All Over – Frank Zappa

Remember, remember the Fifth of November the gunpowder treason and plot.
I know of no reason the gunpowder treason should ever be forgot.

Penny for the Guy, anyone?

I’m enjoying a traditional Guy Fawkes Day. The effigy of Guy is roasting nicely on top of the bonfire.

This year the only effigy I could find had a rather orange complexion, ridiculous hair, and a red ball cap. But it’s the spirit that counts.

I know the bloody yanks in fb land are clueless about Guy Fawkes and why his has his own day. All we be revealed. And, the reason for the Frank Zappa soundtrack will be apparent. People we are Dumb All Over.

Guy Fawkes Day is kind of a mixture of Halloween and the Fourth of July. Children go from door to door, saying ‘Penny for the Guy?’. The money is for the children to build their Guy effigy and fireworks for the bonfire. Although some of the Guy money is generally used for candy.

We’re getting to the Dumb All Over bit soon. Hang in there.

Christianity professes love, but what they really love is demonizing, oppressing, and killing anyone with a different religion. When they don’t have Jews, or Muslims, … they turn on fellow Christians? for not being the right flavour of Christian? Yes we are Dumb All Over.

When Henry VIII got pissed at the Pope for not granting him divorces, he turned Protestant, creating the Church of England. In the process he made Catholicism a capital offense. It didn’t stop there. Being a Lutheran, Baptist, … could also get you done for heresy.

When Henry died, Mary became queen and everybody had to be Catholic again, or else. Then Elizabeth I reversed the country to the C of E again. When she died, they had to find a Protestant monarch. James the VI of Scotland fit the Protestant requirement, and became James I of England

Now we’re up to Guy. He was part of a Catholic conspiracy to get rid of the Protestant King and government by blowing up Parliament while the King was opening it. The group loaded the basement of the building with barrels of gunpowder. Guy Fawkes was discovered just before the session began. Plot foiled and the Fifth of November is celebrated as a thanksgiving day.

All the death and suffering caused by people not being able to handle people worshiping differently. Yes people we are Dumb All Over and a little ugly on the side.

All the fighting about flavours of Christianity? is the reason for freedom of religion in the 1st Amendment. The fights were imported to the American colonies. People were hanged in Boston for the crimes of being Baptist or Quaker, etc. That’s why New England is a bunch of little states. If you didn’t practice the right flavour of Christianity, you were run out and had to start another colony where yours was the correct flavour.

In Massachusetts there were two groups, both Puritan, but the ones in Boston were always at odds with the Pilgrim Puritans in the Plymouth colony for being the wrong flavour of Puritan. Miles Standish was locked up for heresy when he visited the governor of the Massachusetts Bay colony in Boston. Dumb All Over!

Every cloud has a silver lining. Religious intolerance sparked the industrial revolution. Merchants and industrialists who were non-conformists, couldn’t send their children to places like Oxford or Cambridge. You had to be C of E to enroll. The non-conformists started their own universities that taught practical subjects, instead of classical subjects. Those graduates were the ones using science to revolutionize industry.

If you listen to Queen Elizabeth II announced with all her formal titles, one of those is “Defender of the Faith.”
Henry VIII was the first to bear that title. It was bestowed on him by the Pope for writing a thesis condemning Martin Luther and defending the Catholic church. Don’t you think it’s a bit cheeky to keep that title after abandoning the Catholic church and starting your own church?

Here come the bailout! Here come the bailout.

With the repeal off Dodd-Frank Bailout 3.0 is on the way. 3.0? The S&L bailout was not as big, but bailout it was.

Now the way they spun the last crash was all the people who defaulted on their mortgages and got foreclosed, surprised the Financial Terrorist Organizations.

Foreclosures were part of their plan from the beginning with sub-prime loans. You think they didn’t know people taking out NINJA loans were likely to default. They’re not stupid, just delusional. And when you win for good ideas and win for bad ideas, no one cared. Revenue was being generated. All hail fee generation.

I was employed by the mortgage division of a major FTO for a number of years. I can’t mention the name, but you’ve heard it, guaranteed. I have ethics and hold up my end of the deal. Not that it was likely to happen, but I can’t legally say anything positive about them. either.

It doesn’t matter. I don’t need to name my former employer. All were up the the same delusional business plan. Lemmings are the true mascot of Wall Street, not bulls and bears. Banksters don’t make money off people making monthly payments and paying off their home. And, they really don’t like having that money tied up for years, when there are so many shifty deals to risk it on.

Banksters make money off of fees for originating loans with fees for selling Mortgage Backed Securities to investor who bear the risk and let their money get tied up. Loans get bundled into securities almost immediately and Banksters just skim a small fraction of the interest for servicing, you know mailing out mortgage bills and dealing with taxes and insurance escrows.

The business model encourages defaults, flipping the property generates the gravy, new fees, and with housing prices always going higher, each flip generates bigger fees, even if you let the property go below market.

Have you spotted the delusion yet? Just because values increased yesterday, says nothing about tomorrow. And they were wrong. They’re OK, you get bonuses for crashing the economy. It’s a win-win situation, whether to make a winning bet, or a losing one you are rewarded.  Great work  if you can get and have a total lack of morals or ethics. It’s all about the Benjamins baby. Besides, executroids don’t plan on being there long. Take the money and run to the next Bankster is the career path.

How could they possibly sell securities backed by dog shit loans? Primarily because those bonds are rated 90% or better AAA. Solid and secure enough for retirement funds, states, schools, and municipalities to invest in.

That’s insane. AAA rated dog shit loans. The reason is our old friend generating fees. When Banksters slither into Moodys, they get what they want. If Moodys doesn’t give the rating they wanted, they know the sweet fees will slither away to Standard  & Poore. Fees mean bonuses and they’ll give any ratings requested. Don’t you wish bumping up your credit score that easy?

When Fanny & Freddy were alone in the mortgage securities game, things were somewhat under control and dog shit loans meant Banksters had to keep loans on the books. The innovation needed was private, unregulated Mortgage Backed Securities. With the collusion of ratings agencies the crash was set in motion, long before 2008.

But some loans were too toxic to package into a AAA MBS. They could invent the private MBS, why not a new fictional product and the Collateralized Debt Obligation was born. A CDO is created by chopping up the dog shit you need a 20 foot pooper scooper and HazMat suit to handle. You spread  the bits and pieces among privately traded, unregulated CDOs. To make them more attractive, you wrap the dog shit in cat shit. And by a miracle, owning minced dog shit wrapped in cat shit, is a sure thing AAA rated investment. Of course it is.

They didn’t stop there. Opportunity for fee generation was not tapped out yet. Next come derivatives. Even they don’t know what they are, but they generate fees and are … you guessed it.

Derivatives are like side bets at the craps table.  The main action is between the shooter and the house. But somebody will make a bet with the guy next to him, “I bet $_____ the shooter will make his point (roll box cars, whatever) and I’ll give 3 to 1 odds. Then side bets are made on side bets, ad infinitum.

With derivatives, a $100K security could easily have $500 million of sides bets riding on it. Derivatives have no backing like collateral. No worries! It’s all bets on placed on AAA securities and real estate prices always goes up.

But, just to be sure, the third member of the unholy triumvirate makes its appearance. AIG insurance. They happily insured all those bets on dog shit and cat shit wrapped dog shit. Did they know what they were insuring. Yes, but all those lovely fees. Fees mean bonuses.

Now, all the players are in place. Stupidity is at maximum warp. Fat cats are getting fatter and happier. Time for the delusional bubble to burst.

Buyers one day started saying “Seriously, you are asking  that, for that!?! You’re crazy.” A delusional bubble breaks bringing the Banksters’ delusional house of cards and the world economy down with.

Detroit bailout? They aren’t car makers any more. They are Banksters who happen to also make cars as a hobby.

Without Dodd-Frank to hold them back, they will return to the same delusional practices that crashed the economy. Oh, they might hold a contest, or hire a consultant to find new aliases for dog shit products, but they will be back. After all, they had to wait a little, but they were rewarded for destroying the economy. Remember win-win is the name of the game. Well, not in Iceland. Someone must have been skimming bribes and Banksters were jailed. But, that could never happen again. Financial Terrorist Organizations own plenty of slaves in government, and the overseers to tell them what to do.

I know how it all happened. I watched the delusions grow more absurd. It’s like watching a train wreck you are powerless to stop. I was out before the crash, outsourcing. But saw it coming. I didn’t realize just how bad fallout from the delusion would be.

I worked 17 years for the unnameable one. Some of that time, I was even management (for purposes of not paying me overtime only). I wrangled computers for them, but had no say in anything, nor managed anything but my incredulity at their delusional business plans.

A brilliant financial mind, (There will be a short interruption while I laugh my arse off…. I’m back, does anyone need time to finish giggling?) now where was I, ah yes a senior executroid had an idea. “The problem with lending money to companies and people is bankruptcy. Countries can’t declare bankruptcy, they’ll have to pay up.” The lemmings stampede South to offer loans to every third world country, secure in the knowledge they can’t go bankrupt.

What he said was correct. But he neglected the part about there is nothing you can do to collect when they don’t pay up. Oops! They didn’t pay.

The stock price tanked CEO and senior executroids got incentive stock options as a ‘reward’. They had to wait a little for their win for losing, but win they did. Years later, they got one of the countries to offer a nickel on the dollar as payback. Most was not cash but ownership of the country’s phone company.

They hailed the 1st executroid’s big win and he got a seat on the board. It’s always win-win in cloud cuckoo land. “It’s safe countries can’t go bankrupt.” was my first “Are they really that fucking stupid?” moment.

It was followed shortly by ( better not use that word again) a batshit crazy scheme. (yes, that was a better choice) The scheme was to increase originations generate … By now y’all can finish the sentence, or you’ve been sleeping in class.

To originate loans you have to beat the competition. Fees go to the victor, the first to approve the loan. The sticky little bit is speeding up the process. Today you can key in an SSN, click submit, and Shazaam credit report and credit score. Then getting a credit report, verifications of income, employment, deposit, etc. was all done by snail mail.

Then by a miracle of lobbying, Fanny and Freddy began accepting the ancestor of the NINJA loan, the NO DOCUMENTATION LOAN.  They were lucrative but, they had to be held on the books, couldn’t be sold to investors.

If could, or make it like like you were, 20% down would get you a no documentation loan. Nothing on the application would be verified, write your most creative fiction, it will be accepted.


Them vs Us

It’s Holocaust Remembrance Day. The holocaust was a horrible period of the inhumanity of man towards his fellow man. Hitler and his fascist minions bear primary responsibility. But, almost all the occupied countries were very willing accomplices.

How could such a thing happen. Hitler played the division game. It’s Us versus Them. #45 is playing that game today to create division and hate against Blacks (all thugs), Hispanics (rapists and murderers), Haitians (all have AIDS), Muslims (all terrorists), immigrants, shithole countries. It’s always easy to convince losers that all their problems are because of Them, no matter who Them are.

In Nazi Germany, Hitler used Jews as Them. The occupied countries hopped on the bandwagon because the Jewish people were Them, not Us, throughout almost all of Europe. French Gendarmes rounded up Jews for Hitler. Poles happily ran the ovens and cut firewood for the cremation pits. All were willing to help get rid of Them.

Only one country resisted participation in Hitler’s genocide, Denmark. When they got word of the impending round up, the people got the word out and hid Jews. They evacuated 7,220 of Denmark’s 7,800 Jews to Sweden. Denmark interceded on behalf of the 464 Danish Jews who were captured and deported to the Theresienstadt transit camp. They were held in concentration camps but not sent to the death camps. A small number died in the camp from starvation and illness. But, 99% of Danish Jews survived the holocaust.

How did that happen? The Danes didn’t consider their Jewish countrymen as Them. They were Us, fellow Danish citizens.

Be like Denmark! Don’t let politicians and hate mongers play the Us versus Them division game with you.

#HolocaustRemembranceDay #NeverForget #NeverAgain

A Discourse on Southern Heritage

Many of my friends don’t know that I am a Southern boy, born in Savannah, Georgia. I lived many of my early formative years in Southern states: Georgia, South  Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas. No, I don’t talk like a Southerner. Part of that is due to living so long in Yankee land, but mostly because Mom was English and Dad from Michigan.
Oh, living in Texas for years did give me a little accent. I caught a little grief for pronouncing water like a Texan with an extra R, warter. And expressions like talking about someone having a cow, got only confused looks. This was years before Bart Simpson. Occasionally a little Southern will slip out, like saying Hey when greeting someone, or a y’all slipping out.
I spent my first 15 years or so living mostly in the South. One thing I don’t recall seeing is people displaying their pride in Southern heritage by displays of the traitorous Confederate Battle flag. I guess people didn’t have heritage in those days.
Other than Civil War films. the only Confederate flag I can recall was flying at Six Flags Over Texas. It was flying with 5 other flags and didn’t make much of an impression.
When Dad retired from the Air Force, we ended up in Granite City, Illinois, the most racist place I’d ever encountered. No Black people lived in Granite City. NONE! The realtors had an unwritten agreement to not sell or rent to Blacks. I learned about the agreement from a schoolmate son of one of the city’s biggest realtors.
The only Blacks seen in Granite City were those who came to shop at Grants and later Kmart. When sundown approached you’d see them at the bus stops trying to get the hell out before dark.
I was out of high school when I first saw a Confederate flag in Granite City. Someone broke the unwritten agreement and a Black family moved into a trailer park. All their neighbors caught a sudden attack of ‘Southern heritage’ and flew Confederate flags to welcome their new neighbors to Granite City.
I’m sure it was just heritage, not racist in any way. … No, it was racist, and intended to send a racist message. Heritage is just a code word for racism. The Confederate Battle Flag is a racist symbol. Always was and always will be.
Things are a little better in Granite City now. Blacks live there and attend schools. They are no longer afraid to let the sun go down on them in Granite City. But, the racism still exists and the #AltReich is making racists bold again. I hope Granite City doesn’t revert to the bad old days.
The hate for Blacks was a reaction to the hate each new immigrant group received in Granite City (as well as in all of the US). Even a hated immigrant had someone they could hate along with everyone else. I guess that made them feel more Murican.

Rapesody in Orange (Blowhardian Rapesody)

Is this the real life?
Is this just fantasy?
Lost in the White House,
I escape from reality.

Open your eyes,
Look up to the skies and see,
I’m just a rich boy, Don’t need your sympathy,
Because I’m easy come, snortin blow,
Gittin high, crashin low,
As long as I snort blow no one really matters but me, but me.

Putin, just killed a man,
Put a gun against his head,
Pulled my trigger, now he’s dead.
Putin, make them vote for me,
And now I’ve won it, won it all bigly.

I so love to make you cry,
If I should come down by this time tomorrow,
Carry on, carry on as if nothing really happened.

Too late, election’s won,
Sends shivers down your spine,
I am tweeting all the time.
Goodbye, everybody, I’ve got to tweet,
Gotta leave you all behind and push alt truth.

Bannon, ooh (As long as I snort blow),
I’m gonna get high,
I sometimes wish I’ll never be sober at all.

I see a little silhouetto of a bank,
Goldman Sachs, Goldman Sachs, I’ll give you a big bailout?
Impeachment frightening,
Very, very frightening me.
(Bank of China) Bank of China.
(Bank of China) Bank of China,
Bank of China Deutsche Bank

I’m just a rich boy, nobody loves me.
He’s just a rich boy from a rich family,
Grabbing pussy in extreme luxury.

Easy come, easy go, will you let them in?
Bismillah! No, I will not let them in. (Let them in!)
Bismillah! I will not let them in. (Let them in!)
Bismillah! I will not let them in. (Let them in!)
Will not let them in. (Let them in!)
Never, never let them in
Never let them in, oh.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Oh, mama mia, mama mia (Mama mia, let them in.)
Grand Caymans has billions in their vaults for me, for me, tax free!

So I know I can get drunk and piss in your eye?
So I know I can rape you and leave you to cry?
Oh, baby, I can do anything, baby,
You better get out, you better get right outta here.

(Oh, yeah, oh yeah)

No one really matters,
Anyone can see,
No one really matters,
No one really matters but me.

As long as I got blow.


America Was Founded By Refugees and Criminals

The pants pissing and pooping paranoids who are afraid of refugees forget that this country was settled by people who were refugees or criminals.

Georgia was settled by criminals who made the choice to come to the new world to escape debtors prisons.

The other colonies were founded by refugees from religious persecution. Some were Protestants oppressed because they lived in a Protestant country but weren’t the right kind of Protestant. Others were oppressed because they lived in a Catholic country. And there were even Catholic refugees from Protestant countries.

Religious persecution continued in this country because they didn’t belong to the ‘right’ church. Massachusetts hanged both Baptists and Quakers as heretics because they belonged to the ‘wrong’ church. New England splintered into a number of colonies because if you didn’t belong to the ‘right’ church, it was move or die. That’s the reason freedom of religion is in the First Amendment.

Not that it helped much. People were still lynched because they belonged to the wrong church. The Klan didn’t lynch only Blacks. The strung up Catholics and Jews too.

My sixth Great-Grandfather in 1730 as refugee in the Palatine exodus. The Palatinate was a German state in the Rheinland. They were between the French and German states. They had farms and crops destroyed every time one side or the other came through to keep the other side from getting food. They had to change religions every time a new Elector took power. It was change or die.


October MADness

It’s been 54 years since we experienced the fun, fun, pants pissing and pooping, paranoid times of October MADness, AKA Cuban Missile Crisis.

The strategic plan of the US at the time the time (and still is today) was called MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction). It was a brilliant[sic] plan that in case of nuclear war both the US and USSR would make sure to wipe each other out totally and destroy the rest of the world as collateral damage.

I was born into a MAD, MAD, MAD, MAD world that was in an arms race to make sure we could destroy the world more times than the evil commies.

Beginning on this day 54 years ago, the situation became really insane for 13 days and things came close to degenerating to MAD. That’s right, the Cuban Missile Crisis.

I was eight at the time and I didn’t realize the intensity of the situation. But, I knew grown ups were tense. I also knew we were having many more nuke drills at school. A nuke drill is a lot like a tornado drill. Everybody kneels in the hallway facing the wall. You take sharp objects out of your pockets and take off glasses and cover your head with your arms. But the Nuke drill has an additional step, bending over to put your head between your legs to kiss your ass goodbye.

Since we lived between a B-52 base and the PanTex nuclear weapons plant, it was obvious the odds of survival was pretty low if the shit hits fan. Amarillo would get plastered. Kneeling in the hallway wasn’t helping anyone. But, everyone had to follow the official procedures no matter how useless.

So, what everyone was told was them evil Rooskies put nuclear missiles into Cuba, threatening the good guys, the USA. Well it’s true but not the whole story.

Cuba asked for missiles in reaction to the CIA’s Bay of Pigs invasion debacle. The USSR agreed because they they were a bit peeved about the nukes we moved into Italy and Turkey first. It seems they weren’t thrilled about our nukes pointed at them.

The US acted all upset that weapons were pointed at us, but kept quiet about the reason. We threatened them first. It’s hard to be noble and offended about a neighbor pointing a gun at you when you pointed guns at them first. But the US is the king of gall.

Now, the saber rattling Generals in the Pentagon wanted to invade Cuba to teach them a lesson. Hell, we did it before with Teddy and the Roughriders. But sanity prevailed. Good thing because we didn’t know the Cubans had tactical nukes to use if we invaded.

Once one nuke goes off it triggers a MAD response. If we nuked Cuba, the USSR responds with MAD. Just like War Games, any nuclear scenario ends up MAD with both sides nuking the other side into oblivion.

We were told we faced down the Rooskies and they took the nukes away from Cuba. It was never reported that the USSR backed down after we took our nukes out of Turkey and Italy.

MAD was narrowly avoided during those 13 days in October. But, there were many more that didn’t make it into the press. In one case the USSR came within 20 seconds of launching when they mistook a research rocket launch in Scandinavia for a first strike over the pole by the US. Fortunately a Soviet general called off their launches at the last second.

The moral of the story is: people we are dumb all over both then and now.

Dumb All Over

UC Davis wasting money to try and making pepper spray incident go away


UC Davis thinks images of campus storm trooper Leutnant John Pike pepper spraying students is bad PR. No shit!

They are stupid enough to think they can pay a consultant $175K and make it go away from the Internet. How fucking stupid can they be. Once it’s on the Internet, it’s there forever.

PS: I’m open to an offer to take it down. It’s going to cost the idiots.

Delusional Saving Time

One of the wenches sent me a text asking when to we put our clocks forward.
WE? There ain’t no freaking we, silly wench! I live in the real world. I don’t believe in the delusion that believe you can cut one end off a blanket and sew it onto the other end and get a longer blanket. I’m crazy but I ain’t delusional.
My clocks don’t fall forward or spring back. They always say it’s Noon when Grandfather Sun is at his highest. I don’t do Delusional Saving Time.
When I’m forced to leave the real world and enter the delusional world, I humour the crazies and show up an hour early.