Strange Dreams

My primary quack? prescribed a new drug about 3 weeks back. One of the side effects is strange dreams. Usually memory of the dream fades quickly when I wake. I’m just left with the knowledge I had a weird dream. Until recently the dreams involved strangers. Then I started dreaming of people I knew or knew of. Hang on, this is going to be a long one, a strange dream anthology, but I “get” the girl in the end.

The first dream I remembered was a strange chiropractic dream. I walk in and it’s a theatre setup. Four tables on stage and theatre seating to wait in. Bill Clinton was walking around chatting up people. I didn’t get to talk with him as my chair starts up and drives around the room as I frantically try to stop it or at least steer it. A Dr. finally stops it and adjusts my neck by grabbing my head and lifting straight up until my necks pops. On my way out an Asian receptionist pulls a gun on me and take all my money.

I only recall a short ending fragment of the next. I was with Richard Ruhl​ in his new Mustang, leaving Mark Potillo​’s. We’re driving down a snowy street when a car passes us on the left, hangs a hard right in front of us and crashes into parked cars in a driveway. Rich hit the brakes and never touched him but the drunk staggers out of his wreck, trying to blame RIch for the accident. I woke up as I was dialing 911.

The 3rd had more people I know and was a craft filled dream. I pick up an ‘Ice Diamond’ afghan from a bed. Clipped to it is a Polaroid dated 1987 of Amee Chambers​ looking fine in a bikini. I go into another room and Mom and Amee are lighting dozens of oil candles. I follow Mom into the kitchen and she’s making pies with Christye Von Nida Jefferson​ using gadgets from QVC to make pie crust. One mixes the crust, a wringer device rolls the crust, and another perforates the top crusts with a lattice. Every flat surface in the kitchen is covered with dozens of pies either waiting to go go in the oven or cooling off after baking. I wake up waiting for a cherry pie to cool enough to cut into.

OK, we finally made it to this morning’s dream with denizens of Kennealy’s and another reincarnation. Christopher Gustave​ is working on a big table. I never see his face. He’s always head down working on his piece. He takes a short break from it and makes a shadow box with assorted objects including 4 spark plugs. He hands it to me saying, This is you, Steve.’

In another room a group of people, including the girl,  are pouring over inventory lists, looking for hard to find rare objects that people need. I join in and find they have a obsolete printer cartridge an orphanage in East Berlin needs.

Next we’re at Kennealy’s Pub  Jamming are Donny Bee​,  Bryan Rustle​, 2 drummers, Bill Wheeler with a full kit , behind and to the right  of Bill with a jazz kit is B Darrell Phelps​. There may have been other members in the band. I wasn’t paying much attention. I was involved a hot and heavy performance of dueling tongues with Penny Lane.

I try to talk Penny into going somewhere private and taking it further. She says she has to wait until she turns 18 on 11/22. But she wants me to show up on the 19th to warm up. That’s about 4 months away. I can’t wait.

Stange dreams