I’ve been spending more time than usual in bed. I’ve been saving up sporks for a busy week. Since, I only have cable in the living room now, and since there’s nothing new on, I’ve been watching vintage TV, Emergency on Netflix.

I got my tumbleweed fix. One rescue had an old man and woman in the desert called because the house was surrounded by tumbleweeds. They scared the old lady.


Tumbleweeds ain’t scary. Now horny toads I could see getting scared of. Hundreds of them staring at you with their devil’s horns could get frightening.

A couple of episodes later I got a real nostalgia flashback, 1970s IT. Anonymous caller tells hospital that she took pills and turned gas on. They only are able to trace call to a rough area. And they find she’d been at hospital recently.

The billing computer can only search by name or account #, the head computer geek declares. ‘We’ll have to go through the punch cards!’ Ah, yes, 1970s technology. They start feeding cards through an IBM card sorting machine. It works but you can only sort a column at a time. sometimes it was faster to flip through the cards. A big goof is when the Doc asks for patients between 8/24 & 9/4 and the machine does it in one pass.

I don’t miss those freakin IBM cards. I was in heaven when I went to work and had a video terminal with  a backspace key. With the cards, fat finger and you start the card over.


<a href=”http://youtu.be/j7xUqTHGkw8″>Tumbling Tumbleweeds</a>

Fuck SPAMers

I set up a Wiki for the Celebrate Granite City group with the intention it would be used to create a collaborative history of Granite City.

Of course, as with anything free, SPAMers are using the Wiki to create fraudulent pages for their fraudulent SPAM to link to. I’m working on making access more restrictive but until then, I watch what pages get created. If they have SPAM links, the user is blocked, forever and the page(s) created get a redirect to this page.

I’d love to see their faces when they try and visit ‘their’ page(s) wondering why their SPAM isn’t getting them suckers.