Fuck SPAMers

I set up a Wiki for the Celebrate Granite City group with the intention it would be used to create a collaborative history of Granite City.

Of course, as with anything free, SPAMers are using the Wiki to create fraudulent pages for their fraudulent SPAM to link to. I’m working on making access more restrictive but until then, I watch what pages get created. If they have SPAM links, the user is blocked, forever and the page(s) created get a redirect to this page.

I’d love to see their faces when they try and visit ‘their’ page(s) wondering why their SPAM isn’t getting them suckers.



One thought on “Fuck SPAMers”

  1. Those fuckers are every fucking where. This blog has not been promoted at all and only a couple of close friends are aware of its existence. But this morning, there was a comment to moderate from a cock sucking SPAMing motherfucker.

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