Pan-Theistic Trans-Dimensional Quantum Solipsism

It’s not as bad as it looks. It’s a extension of Rene Des Cartes philosophical breakthrough.

I think therefore, I am. … I think. I also think I am. The question is do you?

Not do you think, but do you exist outside my mind. It’s unprovable!

Also unprovable is whether I exist or am nothing more than a character someone else thinks of. A delusion as such.

It’s a conundrum for a Miner for Truth and Delusion. Is it all delusion?

I’m hoping I’m someone’s delusion because otherwise my mind is twisted enough to invent our current leaders? and policies?

More to follow.

If you become disoriented, remember, keep your right hand on the left hand rail, your left hand on the left hand rail, and both hands on your wrists. … No smoking, eating, drinking, or snorting!