ElectroPolitical Unified Theory

Perhaps this Miner for Truth and Delusion has been on an electronics theory binge too long. Maybe it’s a coincidence, but an ElectroPolitical Unified Theory is having birth pangs in my mind. All the voices are talking about it.

Let’s begin with the basics. An Indian sees an Eagle over a Rock. Gotcha, taught you Ohms Law while you weren’t looking.

The Rock is Resistance AKA Impedance. As the alias implies, it impedes every fucking thing. Mr. Impedance, “We ain’t never done it that way before. I don’t like it! I don’t like it one damn bit.” Y’all know him. He’s mostly neutral. It don’t matter what the change is, Mr Impedance don’t want nuttin to do with it, no fucking way!

Electromagnetic theory is, and I theorize also ElectroPolitical Unified Theory, a troika. Mr. R has co conspirators. Sounding more plausible all the time.

Meet Mr. L, AKA Inductance. Mr. L’s goal is to Impede any change at all. He’s only happy when nothing is changing, nothing. Mr. R is happy with a fixed level of Impedance. But, the more you try to change things, the stronger Mr. L kicks and screams. Those thousands of volts sparking the plugs in your car? That’s Mr. L screaming because you took his 12 volts away from him. For realz.

If you’re not also seeing ElectroPolitical Unified Theory implications, bless your heart.

The Universe must balance. And of course the third member of the troika ensures that balance is possible. Mr. C AKA Capacitance loves change and tries to Impede stagnation. The faster shit be changing, the happier Mr. C is.

Now you realize why nothing is being done. Mr. C and Mr. L are in a tug of war between change and stagnation. Mr. R don’t care what the rest are fighting about. He Impedes on general principle.

What does actually get done is due to parasites. Nothing is ideal. There’s some cross breeding going on. Mr. L has a little of Mr.C and Mister R inside. Under the right change frequencies, he will let a change slip by. Mr C will decide things are changing to damn fast. Even Mr. R will lean one way or another.

The possibilities of a stable and functional system exist. It works in the Electro part. Why not Political?

Feedback! Electronics work because there is negative feedback, a governor, on the system. Who among my musician friends love that positive feedback squeal from a mic pointed badly. No one.

Yet our political and economic systems are designed to be Win -Win. Positive feedback. Even when it appears to be working, a butterfly fart can drive it into unstable oscillations.

America Was Founded By Refugees and Criminals

The pants pissing and pooping paranoids who are afraid of refugees forget that this country was settled by people who were refugees or criminals.

Georgia was settled by criminals who made the choice to come to the new world to escape debtors prisons.

The other colonies were founded by refugees from religious persecution. Some were Protestants oppressed because they lived in a Protestant country but weren’t the right kind of Protestant. Others were oppressed because they lived in a Catholic country. And there were even Catholic refugees from Protestant countries.

Religious persecution continued in this country because they didn’t belong to the ‘right’ church. Massachusetts hanged both Baptists and Quakers as heretics because they belonged to the ‘wrong’ church. New England splintered into a number of colonies because if you didn’t belong to the ‘right’ church, it was move or die. That’s the reason freedom of religion is in the First Amendment.

Not that it helped much. People were still lynched because they belonged to the wrong church. The Klan didn’t lynch only Blacks. The strung up Catholics and Jews too.

My sixth Great-Grandfather in 1730 as refugee in the Palatine exodus. The Palatinate was a German state in the Rheinland. They were between the French and German states. They had farms and crops destroyed every time one side or the other came through to keep the other side from getting food. They had to change religions every time a new Elector took power. It was change or die.


Citizens United and the Price of Personhood

The US Supreme Court decision on Citizens  United (AKA Corporations Unlimited) declares that corporations are persons with the same constitutional rights as human persons.

That’s a pile of shit, but it will take a Constitutional Amendment to reverse the ruling. That’s extremely unlikely to happen. If an Amendment makes it through the corrupt, DO Nothing, Corporate Owned, Congress, it will take years to ratify.

Is there nothing human people can do? Do we all just bend over, grease it up, and let these corporate ‘persons’ plook us? Fucque that, we’re Americans, not slaves to corporate ‘persons’. We fight back against tyranny!

I know all y’all are asking how can we fight the all powerful corporations? Torches and pitchforks won’t do it. As the Occupy movement has shown us, corporations own the police through their ownership of our government, from Federal down to village boards.

The answer is to use the US Constitution to ensure ‘corporate persons’ receive all the benefits and obligations as ‘human persons’. Nail them with the fourteenth Amendment’s Equal Protection clause. Not through a new Constitutional Amendment. We don’t need a new Amendment. The Fourteenth  has been around  over 148 years.

No more corporate/human discrimination! Full equality  for corporate persons!

It won’t keep corporate bribes out of our political system, but it will make corporations rue the day that SCOTUS ruled in their favor on Citizens United. And, cry over the bribes to Supreme Court justices. They’ll beg for a repeal of Citizens United, claiming they’re only the legal fictions they are, not persons.

Applying the amendment will force corporations to begin paying their fair share of taxes, limit political contributions. eliminate the offshore shell games they use to hide income from taxation, and make the inversion game, where they pretend to move to another country, extremely costly and unattractive. They’ll even have to contribute to Social Security.

Sound good so far? Let’s get on to the how.  Simple, apply the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.  Corporations have foolishly set a precedent by claiming the 14th Amendment applies to them, when they were fighting the minimum wage hike in Seattle. The fools set themselves up. Let’s give them equal protection until they scream.

The civil rights of human persons are being grossly violated by applying separate laws to corporate ‘persons’. Would it be right to apply different tax laws to Blacks, Latinos, Native Americans, LGBTs. … , while Heterosexual Whites get preferential treatment? Hell freakin NO! There would be riots, along with civil rights lawsuits, if that happened. So what’s different about corporate ‘persons’ getting preferential treatment over human persons?

Why are the civil rights of human persons are being violated by giving preferential treatment to corporate ‘persons’?

  • Corporate ‘persons’ income is taxed at a different rate than human person  income. Not that corporations actually pay that tax rate. Many corporate ‘persons’ make billions and pay nothing, even receiving tax refunds. Other corporate ‘persons’ pay far below the statutory rate.
  • Corporate ‘persons’ are not taxed on foreign income, human persons are.
  • Corporate ‘persons’ can openly hide money in offshore tax havens, human persons go to jail for hiding money offshore.
  • Corporate ‘persons’ can magically invert themselves and become foreign corporations without penalty,  a human person has to pay a tax penalty when they renounce US citizenship to become a citizen  of another country.
  • Human foreign persons need a work permit to work in the USA, but not corporate foreign ‘persons’.

That’s just the short list. There are many more civil rights violations.

Applying the Equal Protection Clause to corporations will result in a collective corporate scream, so make sure you have ear protection.

So let’s do it. No legislation needed, only a directive or executive order directing the IRS and other government agencies to apply the laws fairly and equally to all persons, human or corporate. At worst it will take a civil rights lawyer, or many, filing civil rights law suit(s).

Some may argue the Equal Protection Clause as written applies to the state governments, not the Federal government. However, the Supreme Court held in Bolling v. Sharpe (1954) that equal protection requirements applies to the federal government through the Due Process Clause of the Fifth Amendment.