Them vs Us

It’s Holocaust Remembrance Day. The holocaust was a horrible period of the inhumanity of man towards his fellow man. Hitler and his fascist minions bear primary responsibility. But, almost all the occupied countries were very willing accomplices.

How could such a thing happen. Hitler played the division game. It’s Us versus Them. #45 is playing that game today to create division and hate against Blacks (all thugs), Hispanics (rapists and murderers), Haitians (all have AIDS), Muslims (all terrorists), immigrants, shithole countries. It’s always easy to convince losers that all their problems are because of Them, no matter who Them are.

In Nazi Germany, Hitler used Jews as Them. The occupied countries hopped on the bandwagon because the Jewish people were Them, not Us, throughout almost all of Europe. French Gendarmes rounded up Jews for Hitler. Poles happily ran the ovens and cut firewood for the cremation pits. All were willing to help get rid of Them.

Only one country resisted participation in Hitler’s genocide, Denmark. When they got word of the impending round up, the people got the word out and hid Jews. They evacuated 7,220 of Denmark’s 7,800 Jews to Sweden. Denmark interceded on behalf of the 464 Danish Jews who were captured and deported to the Theresienstadt transit camp. They were held in concentration camps but not sent to the death camps. A small number died in the camp from starvation and illness. But, 99% of Danish Jews survived the holocaust.

How did that happen? The Danes didn’t consider their Jewish countrymen as Them. They were Us, fellow Danish citizens.

Be like Denmark! Don’t let politicians and hate mongers play the Us versus Them division game with you.

#HolocaustRemembranceDay #NeverForget #NeverAgain